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Takumi's Technology Welcome to the World of Takumi
Takumi's technology Welcome to the world of takumi
Arumu teaches the world of vacuum

Nice to meet you. Welcome to ULVAC Kyushu Co., Ltd. The head office is located in Yokogawa-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture. The world's only comprehensive vacuum manufacturer, a group company of ULVAC, Inc. Here in Kagoshima, we are engaged in contract manufacturing of vacuum equipment, vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, sputtering targets, etc., and manufacturing and development of QAM, a research and development equipment. The engineers we work fly around the world, and the production staff here are challenging to innovate day and night. I hope that I can tell you about the scene on this website, and I hope to be able to disseminate information on corporate activities on a daily basis. In addition, we will show the staff working at the workplace. We will tell you about ULVAC Kyushu in the future, so please come along for a long time.

Research and Development Experimental equipment (QAM)

QAMResearch and Development Experimental equipment

Ultra-high vacuum compatibility and expandability etc.

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Fulfill your request

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