Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Systems Aiming for sustainable coexistence with the environment

The ULVAC Group regards the preservation of the global environment as one of its most important issues.
In order to develop a well-lived earth and a prosperous society, we are focusing on providing environmentally friendly business activities, environmentally friendly products, and products that can contribute to the environment.
As a member of the ULVAC Group, ULVAC Kyushu has established an environmental policy based on its environmental philosophy (basic philosophy) and is promoting environmental management.

Basic philosophy

ULVAC Kyushu regards the preservation of the global environment as one of the most important issues common to all human beings, and we will contribute to the development of a comfortable earth and a prosperous society by considering environmental conservation in all aspects of our business activities.

Direction Needle

ULVAC Kyushu strives to conserve energy, conserve resources, and protect the environment in the manufacturing process of vacuum equipment and the components and materials used in them.

  1. In order to contribute to society, we will establish an environmental management system and engage in continuous environmental improvement activities with the participation of all employees.
  2. With the aim of improving environmental conservation, we will not only comply with public standards, such as laws and regulations related to the environment, but also identify activities that affect or may affect the environment, establish voluntary management standards, and achieve them.
  3. We set environmental targets based on the environmental aspects and compliance obligations extracted for the purpose of carrying out this policy, and the views of stakeholders.
  4. We will strive to reduce environmental impact based on the reduction of the use of natural resources in the manufacturing process, the promotion of energy conservation activities, and waste reduction.
  5. This policy will be disseminated to all employees, and education will be conducted to raise awareness of environmental improvement, and we will strive to further improve the level of management.
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