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Basic Safety and Health Policy

Health and Safety Initiatives Initiatives for Health and Safety

With the aim of creating a safe and secure workplace and forming a comfortable workplace, we have introduced a system of occupational safety and health management and are implementing voluntary safety and health initiatives based on PDCA.

ULVAC Kyushu Basic Policy on Occupational Safety and Health

Basic philosophy

Based on the basic philosophy of corporate management, we will create a workplace environment where employees can work safely and securely to ensure the safety and health of employees and ensure the safety and health of users through ULVAC products and services, under the slogan of "ULVAC."

Direction Needle

We operate the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) and implement safety and health management in accordance with the following policy.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety, occupational health and safety regulations, information from the government, and requirements from users, and promote safety and health activities in cooperation with all employees.
  2. We conduct risk assessments to clarify and quantify safety and health risks, establish targets and programs based on them, continuously reduce risks, and eliminate occupational accidents.In addition, we will actively engage in traffic safety activities and health management activities as a whole-wide albach Kyushu activity.Comply with product safety standards, conduct risk assessments, and provide safe ULVAC products and services to users.
  3. Establish an organizational structure to enable the promotion of safety and health and disaster prevention activities, and clarify responsibility.
  4. We will thoroughly implement product safety education for users and provide safety and health education to cooperating company employees and employees.
  5. Share information by the Global Safety Commission and actively engage in promotion activities by the Safety and Health Committee and the Safety and Health Promotion Council.
  6. Conduct regular internal audits to achieve continuous improvement of OSHMS.
  7. We will actively engage in safety and health and disaster prevention activities and strive to prevent disasters.
  8. In implementing this policy, appropriate management resources will be invested and effective improvements will be implemented on an ongoing basis.