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Relationship with employees

Relations with Staff Relationship with employees

We will create a workplace environment where each employee can develop and grow the abilities and individuality that each employee has.

Human resources system to respond to employees’ motivation

We respect the individuality of each individual and make improvements with the goal of a system that grows together with companies.
We are promoting institutional reform so that we can properly evaluate each person from within a free workplace according to their individuality and degree of contribution.

Respect for human rights and prohibition of all discriminatory treatment

We ensure a healthy work environment that is free from harassment or discrimination due to race, creed, skin color, gender, religion, nationality, language, physical characteristics, property, hometown, etc.
In particular, we will strive to prevent sexual harassment (sexual harassment) and forced harassment (power harassment) using the duties that have become a social problem today.In the event of a problem, we will conduct a quick investigation and take decisive steps to help the victims and prevent recurrence.

Education system and human resource development

It is mainly held in the internal training course, external training course, etc., and it is carried out based on the annual plan at OJT and OFFJT.
We conduct general education such as company rules, manners, and self-aware education, education by level for each position, specialized education to enhance the expertise of each business, education on safety, and correspondence education through self-development.

Education system and human resource development

Production Technology Report Meeting

We hold a “Production Technology Report Meeting” twice a year.Regardless of position or position, anyone can suggest issues or improvements that they have noticed.
The results have steadily improved productivity and established production technologies.
In addition, excellent reports can be entered at the production technology report meeting of ULVAC Co., Ltd., the parent company, and have received many awards.

Production technology report meeting and human resource development

About the re-employment system

After retirement, we will conduct staffing based on the intention of the person in question and the structure of the company for rehiring from 61 to 65 years old.
With regard to the workplace, based on the experience we have cultivated over many years, we are assigned to be able to fully demonstrate the power of each person.

Support for childcare and nursing care

We are actively working to support child-rearing.The number of people who take childcare leave and those who take shorter working hours is increasing year by year.Some men take childcare leave.
With regard to nursing care leave, we respond based on the standards of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, taking into account the situation of the family and hearing.
Going forward, we will continue to promote initiatives for childcare and nursing care that is easy to operate.

Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

In order to achieve harmony between work and family, we are working to create a business system with consideration so that both work and family can play a balanced role in the introduction of flextime systems and the encouragement of paid leave. We have formulated an action plan to support the development of the next generation.
We will work to encourage both work and family to live a fulfilling, cheerful and enjoyable life together.