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Relationship with business partners

Relations with Suppliers Relationship with business partners

Based on fair and sound transactions, we will continue to grow together as a long-time partner.

ULVAC Group's Basic Procurement Policy

We are engaged in activities in accordance with the ULVAC Group's basic procurement policy.
In particular, we will focus on CSR procurement.

Basic policy

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Promoting the maintenance of fair and free competition
  3. Healthy and good relationships with business partners and related partners
  4. Promoting global procurement
  5. Promoting green procurement

ULVAC Group's Green Procurement

ULVAC Kyushu strives to properly manage a wide variety of chemicals used in its products and parts and reduce risk from various angles.
In addition, we have achieved safe purchase and sales in accordance with the green procurement standards of our customers and the ULVAC Group.