Safety and health management system

Safety and Health Management ULVAC Kyushu Safety and Health Management System

In order to operate the Occupational Safety and Health Management System, we define the role, responsibilities, authority, and mutual relationships of the organization, and carry out activities based on the Company's safety and health management system.

Safety and health management system

Safety and health management system

We conducted a risk assessment of the workplace and implemented approximately 1,700 risk reduction measures.
Through internal audits, we check maintenance and operation and reflect them to safety and health targets.
In addition, in accordance with the annual plan for safety and health activities, we are also working to enhance education and awareness-raising activities.

Examples of education and activities

  • Hygiene workshop
  • Crane Risk Recognition Education
  • Heat stroke prevention education
  • Anti-glare mask handling education
  • Disaster prevention drills
  • Traffic safety stand
  • Example 1 Hygiene seminar by industrial physicians

  • Case Study 2 Anti-measure Mask Handling Education

  • Case Study 3 Traffic Safety

  • Example 4 OSHMS Internal Audit

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