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Waste management

Waste Management Waste management

ULVAC Kyushu is actively working to reduce and recycling waste.
We also regularly conduct inspections of waste disposal contractors to reduce the risk of waste management.

Thorough management of waste

  1. Regular inspection of waste disposal contractors and treatment facilities

    Confirmation that proper management is in place and that there is no illegal dumping

  2. Thorough management of in-house waste storage and separation and collection

    Organized waste storage and display of trash cans that are easy to separate

Promoting waste reduction and recycling

We are working on reducing waste emissions, valuating them, and recycling them as an environmental target.
ULVAC Kyushu is committed to reducing waste by actively making waste a value.

Value of waste Waste emissions (t)

Energy-saving initiatives

ULVAC Kyushu is actively working to conserve energy to prevent global warming.

Energy consumption (crude oil equivalent) Changes in CO2 Emissions (t-Co2) and The Amount of Energy Used

Management of Chemical Substance Chemical substance management

ULVAC Kyushu strives to properly manage a wide variety of chemicals used in its products and parts and reduce risk from various angles.
In addition, we have achieved safe purchase and sales in accordance with the green procurement standards of our customers and the ULVAC Group.

For details, please visit albach's website.

ULVAC Group t
o Raise Green
  1. Thorough management of chemical substances

    EMS clarifies the use of chemical substances, operates product (product) safety data sheets (MSDS), etc., and implements appropriate management for handling, storage management, and disposal.

  2. Promotion of activities to abolish hazardous substances

    The ULVAC Group is promoting the abolition of six RoHS-designated substances (cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, lead, PBB, PBDE).
    ULVAC Kyushu is committed to reducing waste by actively making waste a value.
    ULVAC Kyushu is promoting RoHS surveys and substitution of all parts.