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There is a future in the space called a vacuum chamber.

There is a future in the space called a vacuum chamber.

Hello. I’m Arumu Kirishima. It’s been almost 7 years since I joined ULVAC Kyushu. This vacuum world project started right after I joined the company. After that, due to work in the business division, there was almost no update about this vacuum world, but as a public relations in 2021, I returned to this vacuum world for the first time in a while. It’s been a long time, but everyone. Be gentle. I would like to take up the vacuum chamber in the first return work.

At that time I explained without understanding the words of vacuum. The word chamber that can be said now.

As I mentioned before, the chamber is a chamber, which is a small room. In the original sense, it means a formal room, and it is a word that is a little more elegant than a small room. Since the vacuum chamber means between the vacuum formulas, the vacuum service provided by ULVAC Group is performed in the space of this chamber. If it’s a factory, it’s a factory, or in a smaller group, it’s a workshop or a factory. But in the vacuum world, it’s a chamber. In that space, the world of vacuum that does not exist as a space on the earth is shown. That’s a good word to think about.

A large vacuum chamber that is also in NASA.

The space used for testing artificial satellites is a large vacuum chamber. The Glenn Research Center, the white dome of the NASA research facility in Ohio, USA, is also famous. The world in front of the universe. That is the vacuum chamber. In other words, something beyond the world of vacuum. It’s the universe. I am happy to be involved in such a world.

ULVAC creates the world of chambers.


Creating a vacuum world is now a technological innovation, and its reproducibility can be automated to some extent, but in the past it was a craftsmanship world that required many years of intuition. .. I have witnessed a world that has been automated to some extent, such as QAM by ULVAC Kyushu. That’s why the word chamber was used? Imagine that. I find it an interesting fact. 2021. The world is still a corona wreck. In the environment surrounding people, space is taken up under the keyword of denseness. It may be necessary to live a space-conscious life based on the etymology of the chamber. It’s been a rambling story, but how was your first return? I will continue to write. We look forward to working with you in the future.