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ULVAC Kyushu in Yokogawa-cho, Kirishima

ULVAC Kyushu in Yokogawa-cho, Kirishima

Today, I would like to introduce you to Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where ULVAC Kyushu is located, a little out of the vacuum world. Originally it was Yokogawa Town, but in 2005 Kirishima City was created by merging 1 city and 6 towns of Mizobe Town, Aira District, Yokogawa Town, Makizono Town, Kirishima Town, Hayato Town, and Fukuyama Town, where Kokubu City and the airport are located. Kagoshima Prefecture has the second largest population after Kagoshima City.

Origin of the name Kirishima

It seems that the origin of the place name Kirishima is that when you look at this place from a distance, the Kirishima mountain range including Mt. Karakuni looks like an island floating in the sea of fog. Also, when Tenson Korin, the stage of the founding myth, was advented, the fog was so deep that I couldn’t see what was going on. There is also a theory that it came from the fact that the fog cleared up.

Sakurajima and Kirishima

Sakurajima and Kirishima

I think that Sakurajima and Kirishima have gained some recognition that they are in Kagoshima prefecture. You can reach the hot spring town of Kirishima from ULVAC Kyushu, where we work, in 30 minutes. Also, public baths in Kagoshima prefecture are generally hot springs, especially the older public baths. There are a wide variety of spring qualities, but they are kind to the skin, and I spend my holidays visiting hot spring public baths.

Yokogawa Town, Kirishima City

An overwhelmingly rich natural town in Kirishima. Yokokawamachi. Most of them are forests, the mountains are Mt. Karasuhata, and the rivers are the Amori River. There used to be Yamagano Gold Mine, and it seems that the amount of gold produced exceeded that of Sado Gold Mine. However, the mine was closed after the war, and agriculture has become the main industry since then. ULVAC Kyushu, which is now engaged in vacuum technology, is headquartered there.

Working in ULVAC Kyushu

I am sure that all the students who visited this site as part of their job hunting activities. The reason why I chose ULVAC Kyushu. Since I was originally from Kagoshima, I had a strong desire to work for a company in Kagoshima prefecture, but it is also true that I was interested in the world of vacuum. And in recent years, the way of working has changed dramatically in this corona disaster. You have to be in Tokyo, you have to be in a large metropolitan area. The reason is disappearing. Of course it may be transient. However, the staff of ULVAC Kyushu often travel overseas, before Corona. As an engineer, I was flying around to popularize the technical products so that the products we were working on could be used by countries around the world. In other words, I work worldwide while staying in Yokokawa. It is such ULVAC Kyushu. If you come once, you can feel the global standard of ULVAC Kyushu. I hope so. At the same time, I pray that the wishes of everyone who is doing job hunting will come true.