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Vacuum World Reiwa Edition

Vacuum World Reiwa Edition

I have a notebook that I compiled when I was a new graduate.


Seven years have passed since then. I have also increased my knowledge in the vacuum world. Therefore, I would like to summarize the world of vacuum again. It is the world of the vacuum of the Reiwa version. Then immediately. According to the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS, “vacuum is a state of a space filled with gas with a pressure lower than the normal atmospheric pressure, and does not mean the pressure itself.” Is it a space? Is it pressure? Etc. are also described in the notebook 7 years ago, so please check there.

Do you know Evangelista Torricelli?

A disciple of Galileo Galilei and an Italian physicist. It is said that this person intentionally created the world of vacuum for the first time in the world. The principles created by that person are Torricelli’s vacuum and Torricelli’s principle.


What is Torricelli’s vacuum??

What is Torricelli's vacuum

The fact that water could not be sucked up directly from a well over 10m has been known to many people for a long time. In 1643, Evangelista Torricelli conducted an experiment to explain this. When she fills a glass tube with one mouth closed and about 1 meter long with mercury, turns it upside down and puts it in a mercury tank with the mouth down, it is about 1/14 of that of water. It was only about 76 cm high. And she found that she was evacuated above it. This space was the first space in the world where humankind intentionally created a vacuum world. Let’s get back to Torricelli’s principle. The ratio of water to mercury densities is also about 1:14, which leads to the conclusion that the liquid is being pushed by air pressure and atmospheric pressure. At the same time, he discovered that the height of the mercury column changes daily, albeit subtly. It was also found that it changes depending on the location of the mercury column. For this reason, he is also the inventor of the mercury barometer. Also, the unit of pressure (Torr) is said to be named after Torricelli.

A quarter century from Torricelli’s vacuum

A quarter of a century has passed since then, and now it is past 2020. Vacuum space has created obvious technological innovations in humankind and in the world of science. In the midst of this remarkable progress, we at ULVAC Kyushu are working hard day and night to create further technological innovation.