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We mold and join the powder of your choice.

Contracted production

If you wish, pottery, glass, etc. are finely crushed and hardened.Processing and bonding are also available.


  • Are you worried about bonding metals with metals, metals and ceramics (ceramics, etc.) and special materials?
  • Are you worried about bonding large materials?
  • Are you having trouble with quality inspection after bonding?

We are joining using metal low material, and the size is also available for 4 m in length.
In addition, we conduct inspection of joints by ultrasonic inspection.We can achieve high quality because we inspect the joints precisely.
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Bonding using metal row material

  • Metals and metals
  • Metals and ceramics
  • Ceramics and Ceramics

we will join the metal low material.


We also accept bonding using electron beam welding and diffusion bonding.

Applicable equipment

  • Bonding device
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector


Maximum possible size :4m long

Bond before after

We can also consult with you about “Is this material available?” in detail.
First of all, please contact us from the inquiry.

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  • Have you ever given up saying that you don’t know how to do it, even though you want to break hard and brittle materials such as pottery and glass?
  • Have you ever had trouble with the size and shape of the powder after it is crushed?

Depending on the material, we propose the necessary equipment and grinding method, and we can also grind the particle size of your choice and even fine grinding.


It is pulverized from the size of the fist to several microns using the equipment according to the stage until grinding.

Applicable equipment

  • Joke Rusher
  • Mill
  • Ball mill

Grinding equipment such as


Objects that can handle
anything that breaks with a hammer.

Grinding before
Grinding After

Molding, firing

Molding and firing
  • Have you ever given up trying to solidify the powder for reasons such as “brittle and fragile”?
  • Have you ever had trouble oxidizing with oxygen in the air when baked and hardened at high temperatures?

We respond with equipment and methods that are compatible with materials.
If necessary, we can also handle “vacuum molding” that is heated and hardened in a vacuum.


Sintering using an atmospheric firing furnace above 1000 degrees Celsius
We have a track record in firing oxides, etc.

Applicable equipment

  • Atmospheric firing furnace


Maximum size: 1m x 3m obje
ct, oxide molded body, oxide powder, etc.

Grinding before
Grinding After

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