Vacuum pump, Vacuum technology for the next generation.


Message from the President

Welcome to ULVAC Kyushu, a company that focuses on the future

Today, the times are accelerating into a smart society in which all industries and living environments are electronicized.
IoT, AI, VR, Big Data, ORGANIC EL, Autonomous Driving, High-Speed Communications, High-Capacity Processing, and other exciting futures are taking place every day for new innovations.UlVAC’s key technologies, vacuum technology, support miniaturization, capacity, and low power consumption, which are the challenges of innovation.

ULVAC Kyushu supports all industries, including flat panel display manufacturing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and electronic component manufacturing equipment, as well as the electronics, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, and food industries. We manufacture and supply high-purity materials used in vacuum pumps and valve components, as well as vacuum equipment.
I believe that this is because our passion for manufacturing is connected to albach Kyushu’s production technology, which is trusted by all over the world.

In addition, we are actively engaged in various environmental impact reduction activities that take into account the global environment, activities to deepen exchanges with local communities, such as energy conservation, recycling, and reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as compliance, risk management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We will continue to strive to be a company that is always aware of issues and continues to evolve, as we can be trusted and reliable.