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Materials created by the master

What is a material!?

Materials created by the master.Material!Material?What does a material mean?
If you look it up in a dictionary, it will written in  substances, materials, and raw materials.It’s a material, isn’t it?As a word that is easy to image.In Japan, the term “material” is used as part of companies that handle materials.
Similarly, in this “material produced by the master”, we will explain the materials produced in ULVAC Kyushu and the materials produced by the masters of ULVAC Kyushu according to the process!

Materials produced by the master

At ULVAC Kyushu, we develop and manufacture high-quality sputtering targets by examining manufacturing methods for each material in pursuit of “low particles” and “homogeneous film thickness distribution”.
This is what we call the target material.
Sputtering was explained earlier.The details are on this page explaining the principles of sputtering.We use vacuum space to make flat panel displays, semiconductor substrates, and so on.

What is sputtering?

What is sputtering?


High purity, low particles?

Sputtering targets form small electrical circuits of multilayer thin films less than a few microns when used in semiconductors and liquid crystals.The function of flowing current or turning it ON-OFF is required, but if there are impurities in the sputtering target material used, the function cannot be fulfilled.For this reason, high-purity materials are essential.

Particles are so-called small micro-sized dust.When this dust enters the multilayer film of the formed electrical circuit, it is not possible to turn off the electricity, and its function cannot be fulfilled.Impurities and particles are natural enemies for semiconductors and liquid crystals !

Homogeneous film thickness distribution?

ULVAC Kyushu’s targets for high-purity semiconductors adopt a manufacturing process that takes into consideration the fineness and homogenization of metal structures, resulting in improved use efficiency by expanding the erowage region and a more homogeneous thickness distribution.

  • Particle

    Particles are, roughly speaking, dust.By controlling the occurrence of dust, it leads to the creation of high target materials with both purity and density.

  • Erosion

    The eroson region is the range in which the constituent elements of the target are repelled and consumed by sputtering. 

  • High purity

    High purity is simply a high percentage of the main component with few impurities.The ultimate high purity is 100% principal component.

Now, I will explain how this material division and craftsmen are playing an active part according to the process.
“Refining”, “dissolving”, “crushing”, “mixing”, “solidifying”, “baking”, “polishing”, “bonding”
Let’s get started below.