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About ULVAC Kyushu


“Manufacturing” in ULVAC Kyushu

Born in Japan, he has been cultivated and proud for a long time.
The limit of the vacuum is in this place of Kyushu Kagoshima.
“Proudness” and “commitment” are in micro technology.
“Dreams” and “Passions”, “bonds” and “friends” are here.
It has the significance of existence as a “Making things” company.

What is ULVAC Kyushu?

ULVAC Kyushu is a company founded 36 years ago in Kagoshima.
As a comprehensive vacuum manufacturer, we have produced a track record of manufacturing, and our technologies and know-how are aggregated and accumulated.
In recent years, we have been spreading and expanding our know-how to the world with a view to overseas.We aim to be a company that can be relied on, human resources that can be relied on, and a reliable presence by accepting trainees and enhancing education.
In addition, through such opportunities, we are constantly aware of the significance of our existence as a company.

  • Tensun Advent Mythical Land

    Tensun Advent ULVAC Kyushu grew up in a land rich in nature at the foot of the mythical land Kirishima

  • Near Kagoshima Airport

    It is convenient from the expressway, and the vast site is full of greenery.A big towering factory.36 years have been in business.

  • The mission of young employees

    The mission of young employees is to develop new technologies with energy, technology succession, and free thinking.

  • Master of vacuum technology

    ULVAC Kyushu is a place where vacuum technology masters gather.The passion of our artisans supports technologies that are trusted by our customers.

  • Technology crosses the sea

    The production technology accumulated by the know-how of the site is also drawn from overseas.

  • Community activities

    We value contact with local people and actively participate in volunteer activities.Regional revitalization is also an important mission.