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Welcome to the vacuum world

Welcome to the world of vacuum

Nice to meet you, Kirishima Ulmu is there.
Today, I would like to explain a kind of different space called vacuum.
However, I think that there are times when it is difficult to communicate due to lack of study.In that case, what if I express it like this?Please give us your opinion.

If you give us your opinion, we will update it from time to time.It is my notebook, but I hope that I can make it to everyone’s help even a little.

First of all, I would like you to imagine a vacuum, so I will explain it in something familiar.Could you imagine a sucker?
It is a sucker caught in the refrigerator.Why does that sucker stick to the wall?Don’t you wonder?
There is a little space in the round part that sucks the sucker.Pressing the sucker against the wall side pushes the air in the space.
Then, there is no gap between the round part (rubber) and the wall.There is no gap in this state.This is not a vacuum yet.
Because there is no air and there is no space.

From here…

It makes sense to expand the space from this state.
It is the power to try to return to the original to use there.
The rubber sucker tries to return to its original shape.
Then, the space of the vacuum can be done there.
And the difference between the pressure around and the pressure in the space inside the sucker is created.
This difference in pressure exerts its power as a sucker.
This effect becomes a phenomenon that stays caught in the place.