Vacuum pump, Vacuum technology for the next generation.


Component production business

Components Production Division Creating the times: Creating a vacuum

We will play a key role in the vacuum environment by making full use of the accumulated processing technology.

Many industries that have achieved remarkable development require a vacuum environment, and pumps to create vacuums and valves to separate and control vacuums are required.ULVAC supplies components that are mounted on equipment and equipment that creates such a special environment.We will continue to develop in order to meet the demands of increasing the size and functionality of each year.


The main materials of processed products include aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.
By making full use of many automatic machines and production technologies, we realize speedy and high-precision processing.


We carry out the necessary inspection and management for each process.We also make continuous process improvements.


We produce high-quality products with skilled skills and teamwork.