Vacuum pump, Vacuum technology for the next generation.


Equipment Production Business (FPD Production Division, Electronics and Semiconductor Production Division)

Equipment Production Division Making the Age: Making Equipment

We will create the times together with equipment through tireless efforts and production technology.

Vacuum equipment is active in many industries such as thin panels, solar cells, semiconductors, electronic devices, automobiles, environment, and pharmaceuticals.We manufacture the latest equipment in a vast and clean environment.We create the times together with equipment with continuous effort and production technology that evolves every day.



In view of initial investment and manufacturing costs, we pursue low-cost, high-quality equipment design.Utilizing 3D-CAD, we respond to various customizations with our unique design technology.



We assemble manufacturing equipment based on design drawings, various quality plans, and procedures in our own factory.Even though it is a large device, fine assembly skills are also required.

Quality inspection and shipping

Quality inspection and shipping

When the test is complete, a third-party department performs an inspection of the quality before shipment and performs a final quality check.The passed device is shipped.

Flow making equipment

Parts procurement

Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated over many years, we realize high cost-effective procurement in a wide variety of small-volume production.We are actively engaged in procurement on a unit-by-unit basis and global procurement.


We test the equipment we manufacture to ensure that they are safely and properly operating and functioning based on various quality plans.

Research and Development Experimental Equipment Introduction of R&D experiment equipment

Utilizing the know-how and technology cultivated through the production of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we provide low cost and the highest quality through vacuum technology and production technology cultivated over many years.