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Senior Employee Interview Y・K

Senior Employee Interview Y・K


Equipment Production Division, Manufacturing Technology Department,
Manufacturing Technology Division 1

Joined the Department of Biochemistry in April 2011

A schedule for a day

6:20 Waked
7:40 Office
  • Email check
  • Problem check up to the day before, schedule confirmation of the day
8:30 Morning work
  • Morning Meeting
  • Testing in a clean room
  • In-departmental meetings
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Afternoon work
  • Operation meeting
  • Local follow-up such as luggage loading
  • Testing in a clean room
17:05 Left
  • Dinner, bathing, etc.
  • Hobbies such as taking care of tropical fish
23:00 Bedtime

Why did you want to take ULVAC Kyushu?

My major was biochemistry.
There was an ULVAC device, and I fell in love with it at first sight.
I also recommended a professor at a university, and ULVAC’s desire to join the company increased because of its history and technology in the vacuum system.
I felt that ULVAC Kyushu is doing a consistent vacuum relationship from pumps to equipment to targets.I thought that there was something that I could understand because I was able to understand the technology related to vacuum as a whole.
Is it said that it is also able to reach the itchy place?I felt that I could make what I was looking for with every detail.
I felt that this is also our strength and that we are a company that can respond to various requests that cannot be done elsewhere.
In addition, it is close to the local area, so I thought I’d go there.
I’m working in ULVAC Kyushu now and I feel happy.

Have you changed your impression of ULVAC Kyushu since you joined the company?

Many people go on business trips abroad.
I felt that it was more global than I thought.This is related, but there are many devices for overseas.
I think it is a company that is in demand all over the world, and I think it is because we have the latest technology that we are required to do so.
In addition, you can learn overseas technology, and there is a lot of information about what kind of technology is coming out now and what can be done.

Can you tell me about your current job?

It is mainly the test work of the device.Before shipping, make sure that the required specifications are met, and then carry the equipment to the customer to check for problems and make adjustments. After that, it is a series of flow until you explain how to use it to the customer and hand it over.
In addition, it is also important to interact directly with customers, to understand what the site is looking for, to provide feedback to the company, and to lead to improvement.
After joining the company, I was in charge of manufacturing, but six months later, I was in charge of testing.There are many business trips, and at first I accompanied my seniors to my customers and learned about local work, but recently I have often gone alone.
The hardest part is when there is trouble in the field.Of course, I am always studying to be able to explain logically to the customer and solve the problem by myself though It is asking for instructions to the company.
Customers sometimes give us a harsh voice, but it’s when you find it most rewarding when you’re going to solve a problem and make you happy.


What are your recommendations for those who wish to join the company?

I would like people other than vacuum technology to join the company.
Even now, people from various fields are active.
Don’t think that you have no knowledge at all, but if you are interested in this company even a little, Please come.
I think that small interest will grow as you work.
You just have to know after you enter, and you just have to experience a lot.
If knowledge and experience can be combined to develop technology, it becomes the asset of the company.
It’s also for the company, but I think it’s also my property.



What is your vision for the future?

I want to be a person who can play an active role on a global stage.
Currently, we are developing a research and development experiment device called QAM and a new device.
This device was developed independently by ULVAC Kyushu and is a special device.
I hope you will be involved in such a place.
I’d like to increase the number of things that we are proud of.I would like to continue to research and make products that can be marketed more overseas.