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Senior Employee Interview F・K

Senior Employee Interview F・K


Equipment Production Headquarters Manu
facturing Department

Joined the Department of International Business Administration and Accounting in April 2011

A schedule for a day

7:00 Waked
8:30 Office
  • Email check
  • Travel arrangements (interactionwith overseas)
  • Create an operation chart
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon work
  • Drawing organization
  • Translation work
  • In-departmental meetings
17:05 Left
  • Dinner preparation
  • Meals and bathing
  • Housework such as cleaning and washing
  • Pc computers, qualification study, etc.
23:00 Bedtime

Why did you want to take ULVAC Kyushu?

I’m from China.I wanted to get a job in Japan, so I was looking for a job mainly in a job related to traders.ULVAC Kyushu has many group companies overseas, so I felt that I could work to connect Japan with China and Korea by making use of my good Chinese and Korean.
Also, the starry sky seen from this land in Kagoshima is beautiful, and i felt a longing as a place to live because I like hot springs.

Why did you decide to join ULVAC Kyushu?

At the time of the interview, I was told that ULVAC Kyushu gives opportunities to motivated people.I decided to make it a place in ULVAC Kyushu because I felt that I could make it happen because I wanted to expand the playing field overseas.

Can you tell me about your current job?

After joining the company, I received training in the design, procurement, manufacturing, and other departments for about six months, but during this training period, I was able to understand the flow of work until the equipment was completed, and it is the basis of my work.
I thought that if I worked hard, I would be able to become a full-fledged person, but I began to feel that it wasnot.When you actually enter the field, there are specialized employees in each field, each of whom has a role.I realized that i can do my job by connecting with these people.
Especially in the manufacturing industry, manufacturing is a one-way job from design to procurement to manufacturing.It’s very important not only to do your own work, but also to think about the next process, the person in charge, and the delivery date and connect the work next.
ULVAC Kyushu employees are so sincere that they have no other attitude toward their work, and they work together within the company, and feel that it is a company with a good atmosphere.


What are your recommendations for those who wish to join the company?

ULVAC Kyushu’s work may be a different field than what I have learned so far.
However, while the work may not be easy, it is a place where you can feel rewarding and fulfilling.And you can find the meaning of your existence at work, and there are places where you can accept free ideas.
It is also a big attraction that there is an environment in which you can work without difficulty, where you can balance work and work at home.
After I got married, I began to think about how to arrange my work more than ever so that I wouldn’t neglect my work.Of course, I am very grateful that there is support around me and that I have been helped.
As long as I get support, I’m working hard to get back to you so that the work of the people around me goes smoothly.



What is your vision for the future?

I have a lot of support roles now, but in the future, I want to be a person who can rely on anything that makes it easier for you to work.
Also, I hope to be a bridge between group companies and companies coming from overseas.
In an area that makes it easier for people around me to work, I want to do what I can and connect my work.