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Senior Employee Interview K・K

Interview with senior employees K・K


Equipment Production Division Design Department
, Design Division 2

Joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in April 2011

A schedule for a day

6:00 Waked
8:00 Office
  • Morning meeting, e-mail check
  • Design work
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon work
  • In-section meetings (study sessions, etc.)
  • Design work
  • Email check
17:05 Left
  • Dinner
  • Hobbies starry sky sh
    ooting (at nearby Maruoka Park)
  • Hot spring
23:00 Bedtime

Why did you want to take ULVAC Kyushu?

I was born in Kagoshima, so i first wanted to work in Kagoshima Prefecture, where I was used to it.
Also, I can use CAD, so I wanted to design using it.
There are many companies that use CAD, but knowing that they also use it for vacuum equipment design, I wanted to try it.
Actually, I didn’t even know what the vacuum was.
As I researched what kind of company ULVAC Kyushu is, I found out that it is a company with both history and technology.I felt that it was a company that supported the foundation of Japanese technology, and I began to want to work there.
I had no knowledge of vacuum at all, but if I could make use of what I learned in design,
I feel like I took the plunge and knocked on the gate of joining the company.

Have you changed your impression of ULVAC Kyushu since you joined the company?

I realized that ULVAC Kyushu’s technology is being used in a very familiar area.
I came to realize that I was playing an important role in the part that I was not noticed.
For example, vacuum pumps are used in the process before making a display.
I would be happy if you could learn more about ULVAC Kyushu’s technology, saying, “It may be used for the personal computer and TV display that everyone uses.”

Can you tell me about your current job?

I am in charge of mechanical design.
In the first year, I designed only part of the device, for example, the cathode part for my seniors, but after about two and a half years, I was often entrusted with all the devices.
Even though I’ve come to be in charge of all one, I’m still in experience, so I’m often in charge of devices with high repeatability, but little by little I’ve come to be in charge of devices with high novelty.
I’m always excited until the device is shipped, but I’m most happy when I get a check-up, and when I feel a sense of accomplishment, “the device I designed is running out into the world.”
We may also go to the customer to adjust the equipment.When I joined the company for about a year and a half, I had been stationed for about a month in response to trouble, but at that time, i was a device that I was not involved in from the beginning, so even if I compared drawings and equipment from scratch, I did not know what caused the trouble. I had a hard time.
However, although I had a hard time, “I was able to cope with it with my superiors and seniors somehow” and “I was able to hear the voices of customers and the field directly” was a valuable experience that gave me confidence in my work after that.


What are your recommendations for those who wish to join the company?

There is an environment where you can learn from the basics even if you are not familiar with vacuum.
It might be nice to have someone you’re good at coming in, but even people who don’t know it at all can work well.
There are quite a few people around me, and I was almost ignorant of vacuum.
Even so, everyone, including me and others, is familiar with some field and is doing their job professionally.
I don’t think we can have this kind of experience anywhere else.



What is your vision for the future?

I want to work with precision to the smallest details and improve the accuracy so that i don’t make small mistakes.
Also, don’t be a designer just to paint.It’s no use drawing only pictures.
What kind of drawings do you have now, and how do they work?I think that it is necessary to be able to design it by imagining the finished form and movement.
I think that by designing after solving such a place, mistakes will be reduced, and the value of my work will increase.In my work, I would like to add something like added value that I can do because I am.And to be a person who can think from other people’s point of view.
Any job is important, but I want to do a kind job for others.