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Senior Employee Interview Y・M

Senior Employee Interview Y・M


Technical Division, Electronic Manufacturing Department

Why did you want to take ULVAC Kyushu?

I also wanted to work in Kagoshima Prefecture, and I was looking for a job in Kagoshima.When I was wondering where I wanted to work, I learned about albach Kyushu in Mynavi.I was doing research on vacuum deposition at university, and I applied here because I thought that I could make use of what I had learned.

Why did you decide to join ULVAC Kyushu?

When I first visited the company on a factory tour, I was very surprised to learn that vacuum technology has been applied to various fields and is indispensable for the development of industry, and that there is a vacuum equipment manufacturer in Yokogawa-cho, Kagoshima that uses such state-of-the-art technology.I also wanted to work in the core industry of vacuum technology.
ULVAC Kyushu’s consistent commitment to the equipment production, component production, and material production businesses of the ULVAC Group was one of the decisive factors for efficient study of vacuum technology.

Can you tell me about your current job?

I belong to the Technical Division of the Electronic Manufacturing Department.I am in charge of everything from assembly of R&D equipment QAM to performance performance.QAM also receives many inquiries from customers for paid sampling, and we are also in charge of this.
There are a lot of business trips in Japan.Business trips are a chance to hear the customer’s voice directly, so it’s a great learning experience.

How is the atmosphere at work?

There is firmly on-off sharpness.I try to do it with my own ideas first.

What is your current job?

What is your job hunting advice?

Before you join the company, find a good reason to convince yourself and join the company.
For that purpose, it might be a good idea to broaden your horizons by visiting industries and occupations in various fields.

Please tell us about your experience in your school days in your work.

The experience of interacting with various people, such as university professors and club mates, is very useful in terms of interpersonal skills.


What are your recommendations for those who wish to join the company?

I live in a dormitory, but I can see that there are short-term stays of people who come on business trips and secondments from group companies in Japan and overseas.Especially those who come on secondment from overseas group companies have come to learn the equipment production technology of ULVAC Kyushu, and I think that this means that “ULVAC Kyushu has many benefits as a place to learn”.
Also, I think that it is a recommended point that you can eat the employee cafeteria for 160 yen per meal!



What is your vision for the future?

I would like to learn more about vacuum technology and gain more experience.For that reason, I would like to work for albach’s group company that spreads around the world.