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Interview with senior employees A・S

Senior Employee Interview A・S


Human Resources Department, Human Resources Division

Why did you want to take ULVAC Kyushu?

I was from Kagoshima Prefecture, so I wanted to work in Kagoshima Prefecture.Also, when I was studying in Australia as a student and wanted to get a job that made use of English, I learned about albach Kyushu in Mynavi.When I read the company introduction article, I learned that it is a production subsidiary of ULVAC Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of vacuum, and that it is a global company with group companies around the world, and I thought that I would be able to make use of my favorite English.

Why did you decide to join ULVAC Kyushu?

As I mentioned earlier, ULVAC is a global company, so I thought I could make use of my strengthin english.

Can you tell me about your current job?

I belong to the Human Resources Department.I am mainly in charge of recruitment, acceptance of seconded employees from overseas group companies, and procedures for applying for visas.
In recruitment-related business, when I explain the contents of our business, I try to use words and expressions that even people from the humanities like me can understand.

How is the atmosphere at work?

It’s bright!In particular, there are many women in my workplace, and I have them consult me personally.

What is your current job?

What is your job hunting advice?

Take good care of yourself.After that, I think that it is good to think about my priority carefully and to do the job hunting.

Please tell us about your experience in your school days in your work.

As I mentioned earlier, i have been good at English through my study abroad experience.


What are your recommendations for those who wish to join the company?

I think that it is a free and flexible workplace which is one of our basic management policy.This is a failure story, but when I first joined the company, I asked a lot of questions about people.Originally, it is normal to ask instructors and people in the same department first.Still, when it does not solve, I think that I will ask the person above, but at one point, I asked a question directly to the person in the position.However, I think that there is an atmosphere in ULVAC Kyushu that gives me a casual answer at such a time, and does not care about the order strangely, and if there is a person who is in trouble because I do not understand, I can reach out to anyone without dividing it.
The other is that the summer vacation can be taken three days in a row between July and October.It is also possible to make long-term holidays together with Weekends and holidays, and we plan for summer vacation while coordinating work with people in the same department.



What is your vision for the future?

I want to be a cool woman, and the point of the cool woman that I think is
1, Be fair
2, Leadership
3, Be intelligent
It is.Because such a woman is in the senior who is familiar, I am a role model.
I want to aim for it over the life, but it’s a little exaggerated.