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Polishing master


For example, you can grind a kitchen knife with a grindstone or use a cleanser to polish the surface of the tableware to make it shiny. The process is polishing.
In other words, it is to scrape the material slightly from the surface.We use this technique to polish hard ceramic materials with a grindstone.


I asked the master of “polishing”.

What is your job?

It is to make the shape that the baked ceramic material can be used.
The shape varies, but it is finished with accuracy of several microns.

Do you have any difficulties?

In order to make the shape specified from ceramic materials of more than 2 meters long, we had a hard time not only issuing the conditions of the device, but also devising handling.

What’s so good about technology?

We specialize in ceramics, so we process ceramics with mirror-like precision.
This processing technology enables us to obtain technology that can demonstrate the characteristics of ceramic materials.

The machine to operate

Equipment Introduction

  • Gliding Center
  • Grinding machine

Facilities features

  • Large grinding equipment enables machining up to 3 meters in size
The machine to operate