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The Master of Crushing


Crushing is to make a certain amount of mass into powder.
In general, even ceramics that are said to be hard can be ground to several microns.


I asked the master of “crushing”.

What kind of things can be smashed?

All things that are broken by hitting with a hammer can be crushed into powder.

What are you struggling with grinding?

Ceramics were not only difficult to break, but also had a hard time aligning them to the desired size.

The machine to operate

Equipment Introduction

The material to be crushed has a variety of hardness.Not only does it make this into powder, but it is also necessary to shape the powder.We have not only crushers and other grinding equipment, but also equipment to select powders and measure them.

Facilities features

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the equipment, it is possible to grind blocky solids to fine powders of several microns.

The machine to operate