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Refining master


Purification is the removal of impurities and cleaning them.
For example, aluminum contains very little iron, copper, etc., and by purifying it, we make metal with only high purity aluminum.
In ULVAC Kyushu, purification can be performed in a vacuum to obtain clean metals that do not contain air or other gases.


I asked the master of “refining”.

What is purification for?

Metals without impurities are used for semiconductor wiring and elements, for example, because of the low electrical resistance.
Semiconductors are a collection of high-purity metal materials in this way.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to obtain pure metal by removing impurities such as iron from the metal, so purification is performed.

What’s the struggle?

In order to produce high purity 99.9999% (6N) products with a high purity of 99.999% (5N), we struggled to establish technologies to analyze even smaller amounts of impurities.
The 6N, impurities in 1t (1000kg) is 1g or less, it is a high purity of 99.9999% or more.
6N aluminum is used as the “world’s best aluminum” in universities and other laboratories around the world.

Can any material be purified?

It is a material with a melting point of up to 1100 degrees Celsius.

How much can you achieve high purity?

We are making products with a purity of aluminum 6N (99.9999% or more).

The machine to operate

Equipment Introduction

  • NF (Normal freezing) purification furnace
  • ZR (Zone Refining) Purification Furnace

Vacuum purification equipment that solidifies from one direction

Facilities features

To dissolve the metal in a vacuum, it is not affected by such oxygen in the air.
In addition, a device that produces high-purity materials by utilizing the feature that discharges impurities when the metal becomes solid from the liquid.

The machine to operate