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The Master of Baking


“Bake” or sintering.The sintering, a phenomenon that becomes a dense object called a sintered body hardens when the aggregate of solid powder is heated at a temperature lower than the melting point.By baking the solidified one, it makes it stronger.
It can also be baked in an inert gas atmosphere or vacuum, and can be sintered without reacting with the atmosphere.


I asked the master of “baking”.

What’s the point of your struggles?

Temperature control according to the material.
The ingredients of the material may change, and it is difficult to devise to prevent it.

Is ceramic plates easy to crack?

It’s hard but brittle.And it is easy to crack.It will crack if you do a poor baking method.
In order not to break, we also devise how to put it in a firing furnace.

What is the skill of a craftsman?

If there is unevenness in the baking condition of the entire ingredient, it will not become a product.
For this purpose, there are many ways to devise and technique how to bake by differences in products.

Where’s great?

We make equipment for sintering and its large furnace in-house.
You can sinter a lot at once.

The machine to operate

Equipment Introduction

  • Gas atmosphere firing device
  • Vacuum firing furnace

Facilities features

  • Capable of firing while flowing gas
  • Capable of firing in a gas atmosphere
  • Can be fired in a vacuum
The machine to operate