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Master of Melting


Dissolution is the mixing and melting of several kinds of metals in order to make an alloy suitable for the purpose of use.
For example, the most commonly used al-1% Si alloy is made by melting 99kg of aluminum and 1kg of silicon.
In ULVAC Kyushu, it dissolves in a vacuum without air or other gases, making metals free of oxidation due to air bubbles or oxygen.For example, ice without air is transparent, but ice with air is the same as white.


I asked the master of “dissolution”.

Why do they dissolve?

In order to achieve the performance according to the purpose, it is necessary to dissolve different metals such as Al and Si, for example, and mix them into alloys.

Do you have any difficulties?

In order to dissolve in a vacuum, it is subject to unthinkable constraints in melting in the air.
In particular, I had a hard time creating a new cooling method when solidifying the melted metal.

Can any material be dissolved?

It is a material with a melting point of up to 1100 degrees Celsius.

Can you do it in any way?

The melted food is poured into a container and hardened, so you can do it if you can even use a container.

Why do they dissolve in a vacuum?

By dissolving in a vacuum, it is possible to eliminate the adverse effects of bubbles such as air and oxidation, and it is possible to eliminate harmful sodium and potassium to semiconductors.

The machine to operate

Equipment Introduction

  • 10Kg vacuum melting furnace
  • 60Kg vacuum melting furnace
  • 350Kg vacuum melting furnace

Weight is al equivalent

Facilities features

  • We can also handle dissolution of small quantities and many varieties.
The machine to operate