Vacuum pump, Vacuum technology for the next generation.




Here is a summary of the principles of vacuum.
Deposition, sputtering, magnetron sputtering.Words are a bit difficult, but I try to make them as easy to understand as possible.
First of all, I want you to remember the common word in the vacuum chamber.The vacuum environment generated by containers such as chambers is called a vacuum chamber.

What is evaporation?

This technology is to form a thin film by heating and evaporating materials such as Al (aluminum) placed in a container, and attaching aluminum to the upper substrate or the like.
A new word came out here again.It is a thin film.When i wrote a thin film in English, it was Thinfilm.It is a thin film.A layer of atoms made of deposition or sputtering on a substrate.

Next is about the environment of deposition.
In the case of depositing in a normal environment, that is, in the atmosphere, evaporated aluminum atoms collide with gas molecules in the atmosphere, and aluminum does not arrive (adhere) to the substrate at the top.Aluminum can fall down or stick to the horizontal direction.

Deposition in the atmosphere

That’s where vacuum comes in.When deposited in a vacuum chamber, the gas molecules are small in the vacuum chamber, which reduces the risk of colliding with gas molecules.Therefore, the distance that aluminum travels is longer, and more aluminum arrives (adheres) to the substrate at the top.

Deposition in a vacuum chamber
Water drops illustration of the lid of a kettle

The atmosphere in chemistry is different from the usual atmosphere! ?

Do you know the word argon atmosphere?
The atmosphere used here is not the mood of pleasant or celebrating, but it means that it is satisfied only with the substance.
In other words, if it is an argon atmosphere, it is filled only with argon gas.
It’s not an argon mood at all.You don’t know what kind of mood it is, do you?