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Dry Vacuum Pump LR/HR/UR Series

Dry Vacuum Pump LR/HR/UR Series

Special features

  • Heat-dissipation in low-temperature regions (LR series)

    In addition to the PVD process, it is ideal for exhausting of the preparation take-out chamber, where shorter exhaust time is especially important to increase throughput.

  • High-temperature heat-dissipation (HR series, UR series)

    Sublimation exhaust substances generated by CVD, etching, etc. can be discharged in a gas state.The UR series can be further hotter than the HR series.

  • Helium Tight

    It is extremely safe because of the sealed structure by installing a cand motor.

  • Measures against instant stop

    The hotel has been prepared for instant stops within 1000 msec.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

    The main components are made of standard special surface treatment with high surface hardness and excellent corrosion resistance.Reduces corrosion inside the pump during corrosive gas exhaust.

  • Communication function

    Data about pump operation status, warning / alarm history can be read.Using dedicated software, centralized monitoring is possible by performing computer communication.

  • CE compatible

    CE support is an option according to the specification at the time of order.

Use the way

  • Active gas exhaust (CVD, dry etching, etc.)

  • Inert gas exhaust (sputtering, deposition, heat treatment, etc.)

  • Reduced exhaust time for the loading and removal chamber (LR series)

  • Exhaust in the process in which the powder is generated (Si single crystal pulling, etc.)

  • As an auxiliary exhaust pump (auxiliary exhaust of turbo molecular pump, mechanical booster pump)


Specification Specification Specification

Exhaust velocity curve

Exhaust velocity curve Exhaust velocity curve Exhaust velocity curve