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Dry Vacuum Pump GR Series

Dry Vacuum Pump GR Series

Special features

  • It can be used for high-load applications such as repeated exhaust from atmosphere to vacuum and continuous operation in high pressure areas.

  • Ideal for exhausting load lock chambers (preparation and removal rooms) for high throughput.

  • Supports general-purpose induction motors.Special motors such as explosion-proof motors can be installed (optional)

  • Multi-voltage compatible motor is adopted.

Please select from 200V class motor and multi-voltage motor at the time of order.(GR180A is a common motor)

Use the way

  • Vacuum exhaust of clean gases such as air and inert gases

  • Exhaust of the preparation and removal chamber of various deposition equipment

  • General industrial applications such as vacuum drying, vacuum gas replacement, vacuum defoaming, etc.

  • Vacuum gas replacement such as thermal insulation and gas filling

  • Using a gas ballast mechanism enables steam exhaust

Exhaust velocity curve

Exhaust velocity curve