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Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series

Special features

  • Stable exhaust characteristics

    Exhaust performance is very stable.

  • Low vibration, low noise

    Suitable for use in environments that dislike vibration and noise.

  • Excellent maintainability

    Because of the block structure, it is robust, has few parts, and can be easily serviced and inspected for overhauls.

  • Gas ballast valve

    The gas ballast valve comes standard, and it is effective in exhausting condensable gases such as water vapor.

  • Oil reflux prevention

    The PVD-B series (optional) is a type equipped with an oil backflow prevention mechanism as standard.

  • A wealth of options

    The PVD series can be mounted on a pump-based with a handle and caster.It is easy to move the pump.

Use the way

  • Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer

  • Vacuum packaging, vacuum adsorption, vacuum molding

  • Gas replacement, filling, vacuum insulation

  • Vacuum impregnation, vacuum casting

  • Various other vacuum equipment



Exhaust velocity curve

Exhaust velocity curve