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Oil Mist TrapTM/TMX Series

Oil Mist TrapTM/TMX Series

Special features

  • Remove oil drops and oil smoke

    The consumption due to the scattering of pump oil is extremely low, and the replenishment of the pump oil is greatly reduced.

  • Excellent silence effect

    It is extremely effective when the operating conditions of the pump start from atmospheric pressure, operate at low vacuum, and in the case of gas ballast operation.Especially for low frequency sounds, it has a great effect.

  • Oil recovery method can be selected (optional)

    Using the trapped oil in the main body shortens the life of the filter or interferes with the pump. Depending on the conditions of use of the pump, you can select the function to recover the trapped oil, so please consult us.

  • Easy to connect to pump

    The TM series is easy to install because it is connected to the exhaust port of the standard application pump.(Adapter is required to install M-2 (F) on VD601 and VD901)

  • The internal filter is a cartridge type

    You can easily replace internal filters.(Adapter is required to replace a cartridge filter from a TM-3, 4, and 4S old filter)

  • Note