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Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VS1501/VS2401

Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VS1501/VS2401

Special features

  • Low vibration

    Speed –up (50Hz:1500rpm) is achieved by the pen-type structure.Significantly reduces vibration in low-frequency regions with high vibration transmission.Large-scale foundation work is no longer required, making it easy to install on the second and third floors of the factory building.[3x rotational speed compared to our company, 70% reduction in amplitude]

  • Lightweight and compact

    Compared to the PKS-030 pumps in our class, the VS2401 is reduced by about 35 (40)% by mass, about 20 (30)% less in the required floor space, and about 50% less in total height, making it lightweight and compact.() VS1501

  • Low noise

    By adopting a mechanism that reduces the operating sound at the reach ingesting pressure, 74dB (A characteristic) and low noise reduction are achieved.(At the reaching pressure, there is an oil mist trap, the measurement value at the pump side 1m)

  • Excellent maintainability

    The direction of oil confirmation, oil replenishment, and oil exchange is unified so that it is easy to inspect everyday.8 to 10.5L variable oil quantity type to extend oil replenishment period

Use the way

  • Deposition, sputtering, ion plating

  • Vacuum packaging, vacuum adsorption and transport, vacuum forming, vacuum casting

  • Vacuum impregnation, vacuum casting

  • Vacuum heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces, brazing furnaces

  • Vacuum drying, freeze drying, vacuum degassing

  • Gas replacement, filling, vacuum insulation

  • Leak test equipment, etc.



Exhaust velocity curve

Exhaust velocity curve Exhaust velocity curve