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Examples of inquiries from research institutions

Examples of inquiries from research institutions

Here, actually to ULVAC Kyushu
Here are some examples of inquiries from research institutions.

I received an email from a certain university in Kyushu on a hot August day.

The vacuum chamber i’m using now
It was content that I want another one same thing.
This is an example of wanting to use ULVAC products in university research institutions.
A week later, I went to the university to meet with him and asked him about the requirements again.
It was said to be used for experiments to reproduce outer space.

In addition, there are several ULVAC products on the campus.
Can’t you introduce them in the direction of reusing the old products?
There was also a story.

In the midst of repeated meetings in the field,
We went ahead with the design while actually looking at the actual machine.
In addition, the missing member, by using some used products
I proposed that it can be cheap.
We try to respond flexibly according to the budget of the introduction cost.

I think albach’s strength is that we have a lineup of many devices and peripherals, and we can take into account the expansion and remodeling after purchase.Of course, it is also possible to respond using reused products as described above.
When considering research equipment such as vacuum equipment, please contact us as it is not possible to consider.

Component Production Headquarters Shigetoshi Yamashita

Even with such a simple punch picture
Using CAD/CAM,
From drawing creation
Up to mechanical programming
We will respond consistently.