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The Secret Story of QAM's Birth

The Secret Story of QAM's Birth
Challenge starts

So far, ULVAC products
We have continued to produce and grow,
As ULVAC Kyushu,
We make our own products,
with a strong desire to contribute to ULVAC
The challenge has started.

“We want to contribute to the world by making use of Alb
ach Kyushu’s production technology.」

This is a story about the trajectory of
this factory in a small town in Kagoshima.

The trajectory of the factory

We started by “targeting”.
In addition to manufacturing, we seek out the market ourselves.
Product development at the Market In, not product out.
It’s my first time, and I’ve been searching for a long time.
I was just looking for an exit and light in the dark clouds.

One such day.

Do small devices of 4 inches or less need for universities and research institutions?
Based on the results of a portfolio analysis of ULVAC’s equipment,
We have decided to develop it for universities and research institutions.

The voice of everyone engaged in research

I went to facilities all over the country to hear in advance.

The small device is manual.And price competition.
Many research equipment, experimental equipment, and small devices are manual devices.
If this can be done automatically, will convenience also increase?I thought,
There was an unexpected voice.
The automatic device is not a student’s study in the professor,
There were a few people who were asked to do so manually.
Automation alone is still not enough.
We looked for further strengths.

The voice of everyone engaged in research

As a result, what I found out!

The experimental equipment required at the time of introduction and the experimental equipment being studied over the medium to long term
It was that what we were expecting was different.

Introduction is a small start.
After deployment, we’ve learned that we’re looking for more features to extend.

In other words, can it be expanded?
It means.

Can be expanded Combination freedom

Until now, I can deposit, but I can’t sputter.
It can be etched, but it can not be deposited.
Therefore, we have incorporated a lot of technology and know-how that we have cultivated so far.
We have built a unit that can be added.
By all means, everyone who is thinking about the experimental equipment from now on, let me talk once!
Specifications are also explained in detail!

Build units that can be added

In addition, the price side,
As with determining the target,
How can you make it to the price that suits the market?
That’s what I’m talking about.
We make use of our experience so far to shape it.