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Example of R&D experimental equipment: Shima, Tohoku Gakuin University

Dr. Shima, Ph.D. in Engineering

Dr. of Engineering Shima

Professor, Department of Electronicengineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku Gakuin University In charge of materials and device systems for thin film materials, magnetic thin films, magnetic devices, etc.


Please tell us about your specialty and your research.

My specialty is "magnetic materials" and "thin film materials".
We are conducting basic research to create high-performance magnets, and we use thin films to create samples that will be ideal models.

For example, the hard disk (HDD) built into the personal computer is a storage device (storage medium) using the same magnetic information as a cassette tape, floppy disk, MO disk, etc., can store a large amount of information, Because of its non-volatile characteristics, it has become a device for storing information and has become a firm position in personal computers.
In recent years, it has been installed in home appliances such as high-capacity HDDs, DVD recorders, and portable music players, making it easy to enjoy high-definition videos and large amounts of music.In order to realize the ubiquitous society "anytime, anywhere" in order to realize, the importance of HDD, which can store this large amount of information, is expected to continue to increase in the future, and further large capacity and miniaturization (densification) are desired.
In addition, the importance of "hybrid cars" using motors that symbolize energy conservation policies has increased rapidly recently.The motor uses a permanent magnet called neodymium magnet, but unfortunately we can only use its characteristics by about 30%.If the mechanism of the magnet characteristics is elucidated, it is expected that the performance of the motor can be dramatically improved.
In this way, magnets are used for various things around us.By making the magnet the same size and high performance, it can be reduced.There have been portable music players for a long time, but that is also a factor that made magnets more powerful.If it can be miniaturized, costs can be reduced, and the design can be wide.In the hybrid car, the size of the motor is reduced, fuel saving is realized, and the degree of freedom of the design of the car body increases.Materials that utilize the properties of magnetism in this way have become indispensable in our lives.
In my laboratory, We are conducting research on magnetic materials, and we mainly use a device called a sputtering device to produce thin films.

Research Theme

Research Theme

High performance of ultra-powerful permanent magnets (elucidation of magnetization mechanism of Nd-Fe-B system, microstructure analysis,Effect of grain boundary layer, reduction of rare metals, observation of magnetic domain structure)

  • Development of next generation perpendicular magnetic recording media materials (Fe-Pt system)
  • Expression of various magnetic properties of nanostructured thi
    n film samples (microfabrication by electron beam lithography)
  • Synthesis of artificial-ruled alloys by monoatomic alternating lamination
  • Development of materials for magnetic field, electric field, and temperature-sensitive devices


Why did you go that way?

Basically, I liked manufacturing.There was a desire to make something that was not in the world.When I was in college, I had a popular laboratory, where I was researching magnets.That's how I got into this path.At that time, my teacher said that magnets are something that even small children can understand quickly, and if they touch even adults and children, they will make them forget about time, and they can explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.After that, I changed to a laboratory that makes thin films.From there to the present.About a quarter of a century from that time, I have been working with ULVAC to this day.

Dr. Shima, Ph.D. in Engineering


Why did you decide to introduce it and what did you think after the introduction?

There was also a balance with the specifications and the budget, I was wondering which to choose.In the end, I thought that this QAM could be interesting, which was the most decisive factor.I decided to bet on this QAM and decided to introduce it.
Even after the introduction, albach Kyushu representatives will always face inquiries about the equipment with sincerity.It is very helpful to promote research.

Dr. Shima, Ph.D. in Engineering


Thoughts on ULVAC

I've had a long relationship with ULVAC.When I was in college, I was at ULVAC Techno when I met him, but after that, I had several devices made by the ultra-high vacuum division and the electronic equipment division in Chigasaki.
ULVAC's people are all serious and honest and nice people.I'm really impressed with the fact that I never give up.
However, when it comes to equipment, at first it was the designer's point of view of equipment making, and the usability of the software was now one.Do you have the impression that you are making too much of the function faithfully?But now we're gradually evolving into devices that are easy for everyone to use, incorporating the needs of our users.I think this is a big selling point.

Dr. Shima, Ph.D. in Engineering


Other items of interest, etc.

I've always liked cars.I can't buy NSX, but I think it's good after all.Honda's car at that time is especially good.I went to see it well in the supercar boom which was popular in old times.
By the way, I'm riding a minicar that was manufactured 20 years ago now.It does not speed out, but it also relieves stress in an open-air environment.Driving is fun and attachment springs.
Also, Apple is net delivering a new product launch, but I'm looking forward to seeing it every time.Not long ago Steve Jobs was doing it, but I liked his products.There is also a design and a function, and I hope that there will be more products that are exciting.It's fun to think that current research is useful for that.
I used to play tennis and skiing.I don't do much now, but there is also the fact that I don't have time for that.Now it's more about moving machines than moving my body (laughs).