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Vacuum chamber

Vacuum chamber

What is a chamber? What do you mean?

First, let’s talk about the term chamber.
In the English word chamber, it means a small room, but in other ways, it means between the official sentry room, the court and the royal court.
The difference from the English of the room seems to increase the meaning of a prestigious special room.

What is a vacuum chamber?

Let’s go back to the vacuum chamber.
A vacuum chamber is a container that makes a vacuum environment.
The inside of this container becomes a vacuum.
It is a space that serves as a work place for vacuum equipment in the key part of the vacuum device.
The vacuum chamber uses a vacuum-compatible vacuum material, which requires that the gas inside not leak outside or be absorbed or adsorbed to the container itself, and that the surface inside the container is difficult to decompose.

Dr. Q's explanation

In other words, the impact from the container itself It must be less material. At present
Metal is common.