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Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

What is a pump? What do you mean?

I understood the vacuum somehow.The pump can also be imaged somehow.However, when the word vacuum pump is multiplied, “?Wouldn’t it be?
But if you think calmly, you can image it.
A typical pump is to increase the pressure of a liquid or gas, reduce the pressure, and move it.
Therefore, the vacuum pump acts to pump the atmosphere in the chamber to the outside.

Dr. Q's explanation

Vacuum pump,
draining gas from a particular environment to create an environment called vacuum It is a pump.

Intake port
It is connected to the chamber side by the intake port of the gas.
Exhaust port
Gas discharged from the chamber, etc. is discharged from the exhaust port.
The part of the large source that performs the exhaust operation of the gas.
Since there are many types of pumps, it is necessary to use them according to the exhaust method, exhaust performance, etc.
Some pumps do not operate unless they are below atmospheric pressure.
In that case, it exhausts by the combination of auxiliary pump and main pump.

How much vacuum is required, the type of gas to be evacuated, the amount of Depending on the materialused, the performance of the pump required will vary.

Required pump performance

Depending on the vacuum condition, the required pump will be different.
The combination also changes, so it is important to choose the pump that suits your application.