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Vacuum valve

Vacuum valve

What is a valve? What do you mean?

I think this is also a word that I’m not familiar with, so to briefly explain, the valve is a valve.
It is a general term for those that control the flow of liquids, gaspipes, etc.
What is controlled is the direction, pressure, and flow rate.
In other words, the valve controls the inside atmosphere when pumping from a small chamber called a chamber.

Dr. Q's explanation

In the vacuum device, the space in the atmosphere and the vacuum chamber is cut off and opened by attaching a valve to the chamber.I think that it is good if it is possible to imagine the one like the gas plug.It is also classified by shape, but it is used depending on the application such as vacuum degree and material.In addition, it is also the part that connects the chamber and the pump, and of course, the material for vacuum is used for the valve.

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