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The machined part measures whether it is accurately matched to the drawing.
Not only measure, but also numerical confirmation, pass/fail judge, is a record!

Let’s see the skill of the master!

We have three CNC three-dimensional measuring machines,
Micron order products up to 1200 x 1200 x 1000
(1 micron is 1/1000 mm) accuracy.


We ask the master of “measuring”.

You use a three-dimensional measuring instrument to inspect parts.

Yes, Use a 3D measuring instrument.Use it to measure the dimensions.

You can also see if the curves are right.

Yes!I can.

Do you not use a controller?

You can be automatic and controller.
If you decide the starting point, coordinates, standards, etc. in the closed space, you will recognize and measure it as you organized the program.
When you measure more than one, if you line up properly, it will do it automatically.

Do you have any difficulties in your work?

It is to put out a value of high accuracy
Because the data changes if there is garbage, I try to measure it in a beautiful state by wiping it, taking the place where oil is attached.

I see.

And the temperature!The material is iron or aluminum, but especially aluminum can grow depending on the temperature, so you have to manage the temperature properly.When measuring three-dimensionally, it has to be almost the same temperature.
Therefore, even if I bring the thing in the warehouse to the measurement room, it is different about 10 degrees in the current season, and I put it in the measurement room at night during the day and measure it after adjusting the temperature.

Is there a temperature standard?

For the time being, what I’m deciding now is managing the temperature between the room temperature 20-24.

It’s tough isn’t it.

Yes, but there is a smart function called temperature correction function.If you put the material and temperature, it will convert it.
Each material has a thermal expansion coefficient, so if you enter the type of material, they will calculate everything.

What is maintenance?

The body of the three-dimensional measuring instrument is calibrated regularly once every two years.
I checked the master ball every year, but since ceramic is not so easy to cut, once I have calculated the data results so far and the possibility of cutting the master ball, I do not need to calibrate for 5 years! As a result, the period has been extended from one year to five years.
But I’m afraid of hitting things or making mistakes in the program.

What is maintenance?

I see, is that so?
You measured it properly, but is there a claim that it is “a little different”?

I was asked what the data was.Now it is centrally managed by the server.

What’s worth of your job, and what you think about it. Do you have anything to feel of it?

In the previous days, there was a place where “just measure things”, but recently my consciousness has changed and I have come to think about how to connect the data I took to better quality.
Therefore, when I see that the processing accuracy of rotor shafts and cylinders has improved remarkably since last year, I feel rewarding.
I would like to expand such activities to other parts and improve the quality.

What I think is worth while

What is ULVAC Kyushu to you?

(laughs) It’s difficult.
I am more excited when the company gets a little excited. Well for food. I feel I have to work hard now.