Vacuum pump, Vacuum technology for the next generation.




From simple materials, hole processing and groove processing are applied according to the drawing.My job is to shape the drawings.
Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, iron, etc.High-mix low-volume production.It is a new challenge every day.


Before After

Vacuum Flange Before
Vacuum Flange After

Vacuum flange

Welding flange for connect piping to piping.

Bearing case before
Bearing case after

Bearing case

It is a high-precision bearing that supports high-speed rotating pump parts.

General processed products before
General processed products after

General processed products

It is a multi-shaped part of 3D processing.


Introduction of the finished product

Aluminum chamber
Stainless steel chamber

Aluminum chamber and stainless steel chamber

It is a container made for vacuum, atmospheric pressure, and pressure.
It does not matter whether it is aluminum or stainless steel.

KF Flange

KF Flange

It is a flange for cost reduction specialized in piping production.


Introduction of large machines


It is a production system that can
handle multi-variety and small
lot production by utilizing computers.


Horizontal machining center

The main shaft is horizontal, and computer control
allows automatic tool change and pallet replacement.
It is convenient for multi-sided machining.

Horizontal machining center

Gate-shaped five-axis processing machine

It is a machining center in the shape of a gate.
It is effective in processing
large workpieces.

Gate-shaped five-axis processing machine

Composite lathe with gantry robot

It is a very efficient machine
that has both turning and milling

Composite lathe with gantry robot

Let’s see the skill of the master!

Simultaneous 5-axis machining center

The table where the material is installed on the machine tool is like a cradle.
It is fixed by changing the posture to the front, rear, left and right.
Normally, the surface that is processed in one setup is limited,
In this case, processing from any angle is possible at once.


Ask to the master of “shaving”.

What is it worth doing?

I look at the drawings from the materials and process them into various shapes, but I find it rewarding when products such as difficult shapes and tight tolerances are completed.
Also, the jig is not written in the drawing.What kind of jig can be made is the point!
For example, simultaneous 5-axis machining centers often have multi-sided products, so complex jigs may be required.
In addition, when things that can be processed from various angles and things that cannot be done without the use of more than 10 jigs are completed, there is a sense of accomplishment.

What’s good about your job?

When a difficult processed product is completed by thinking about how to produce the strict accuracy that is required!
When I know where the parts I have processed are used.

What is worthwhile? Before

What are you doing to improve accuracy?

Processing technology is advancing every day, and machining and tools are evolving every day.I always study and try to get the latest information.We actively participate in briefings for tool manufacturers and machine manufacturers of exhibitions.

What are you doing to improve accuracy? Before

What are you struggling with?

Because there is a product to be deformed, it is difficult to produce the required accuracy while considering it.
What is necessary for that is the data and experience of the past, and ultimately the intuition of the craftsman!
And we’re going to apply it to new products.In addition, it is necessary to proceed with processing while consulting with the welding worker.

What is ULVAC Kyushu to you?

ULVAC is Technician.
It is a group of masuters(=Takumi).
I can still grow myself and my company.There’s still a lot of fun.
You can challenge a lot of things.A company that can.