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The essence of welding that “takes distortion”. Welding is art? Welder an artist.
Heterogeneous processing is easy.Undo the world in mm.The distortion is corrected by annealing treatment.

Let’s see the skill of the master!


Before After

Silencer before
Silencer After


Parts of various shapes such as steel plates and steel pipes can be welded.
The material becomes iron and SUS.


We asked the “weld” Master.

What is the value of your work?

I feel rewarding when I weld parts and parts into shapes with the image of making plastic models, and when they are in size!
Also, it’s nice nice if I could finish it with one shot when I went to fix welding on a business trip.So I’m even more happy when people say “Thank you”!

What is worthwhile? Before

What are you struggling with?

First of all, it is necessary to acquire knowledge.
After that, when the distortion is terrible, it is difficult to take the distortion.
However, “taking distortion” is the essence of welding, so we do not compromise.

What are you struggling with? Before

How are you doing quality control?

The temperature control of welding is different between copper and aluminum.
So it’s not all you need to weld.It is important to change the temperature depending on the material.
After that, the desire for the process is important!When welded, we pursue the perfection of the product by paying attention to the quality of the post-process.

Are quality control standards strict?

ULVAC’s welding standards are determined so far that the “leg length” and “throat thickness” of fillet welding.
 Leg length… the height of the weld bead.
 Throat thickness … the thickness of the weld bead.
Every day is a battle with a measuring instrument called leg length gauge.
The first thing I think about when I’m welding is customer satisfaction.Do not create defective products.I want to make a good quality thing that I want to buy.
Have the quality assurance section inspect using a 3D measuring device.The results are recorded.

Are quality control standards strict? Before

What is ULVAC Kyushu to you?

A company packed with technology.A company with beautiful products.