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What is a vacuum?

What is a vacuum?

On this planet where we live, the pressure of atmospheric pressure is applied without knowing it.In that case, we may think that we will be crushed by atmospheric pressure, but it is not such a thing because the same air exists in our body.

There is a pressure of 1 atm (1013.25 hPa) on the surface of the sea.Atmospheric pressure is the pressure that indicates the weight of the air from above, and the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure.

The space of the pressure lower than this atmospheric pressure is called the vacuum.
In the dictionary, vacuum is called “space with no material such as air” and “nothing”, but scientifically this condition is called “absolute vacuum” and it is said that it is currently impossible to create an absolute vacuum.

Dr. Q's explanation

According to the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS,

Vacuum is a gas whose pressure is lower than normal atmospheric pressure.
In the state of filled space,
It does not mean the pressure itself.



Absolute vacuum does not exist.
Vacuum is space.Pressure is x

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